Hello from your JCR!

The JCR (Junior Common Room) Committee is a group of elected students whose job is to represent students in a wide variety of ways as well as hosting social events and being a point of contact should you need someone to talk to.

Our primary role is to represent you, the students. We are part of the Student’s Union, however, we work with a number of organisations including UPP, Sodexo (who run Londis and TheUnity) and the Warden and Tutor Team.

In addition to this, we also put on some fantastic social events for everyone in Broadgate, including the Spring and the Summer Formals, which are a real highlight of the year and give you the chance to dress up and have a good time. We also host a Pub Quiz in TheUnity as well as a whole host of other events, so make sure you look out for those!

Despite working as a team to do all this, we each have our individual roles and responsibilities that collectively make up the work we do.

For the President, their main responsibilities include: chairing the JCR meetings, attending meetings at the Student’s Union (including the all-important SU Council!) plus attending meetings with various people as well as being the figurehead of the JCR.

They are assisted by the Vice-President, who, in addition has a number of roles on their own, including the maintenance of the JCR website and aiding in the running of the elections for the following years committee.

Another important role is that of the Treasurer. They have the task of managing the budget for the year as well as signing off all the money that the JCR spends or brings in.

The two Social Secretaries primary job is to organise and spearhead all of the social events throughout the year. This includes both the Spring and Summer Formals. They also promote other events as well as helping to sell the tickets for the events.

The Male and Female Welfare Reps are there to deal with any welfare issues that residents might have. Furthermore they run and promote a wide range of campaigns including sexual health and drink and drug awareness. They also have the responsibility of promoting SU led campaigns.

Another position on the JCR is the Sports Secretary. They have the job of running all of the teams and clubs across Broadgate, who then compete in competitions and leagues across campus, For the Postgraduates living in Broadgate, they have a representative on the committee whose job is to help with any problems they have as well as liaising with the SU’s Postgraduate Students Association (PGSA).

The Environmental Rep has the responsibility of promoting “green” issues across BGP. Their job is to raise awareness of the challenges facing the environment as well as promoting the campaigns that the Student’s Union run.

The Albion House Rep is the voice of Albion House on the JCR. They have the job of ensuring the residents in Albion are represented and well informed of what is going on in the rest of Broadgate and the SU.