A little introduction from your Karni reps

When it comes to your hall, size does matter: the more people, the more money raised and the more banter had. That's why you live in Broadgate Park, the biggest and best hall at Notts!

Our performance last year was our all time best and we've bravely taken the task into our hands to go even further, but we can't do it alone.

We'll lead you through bar crawls, Mr and Miss Nottingham, seven-legged and the legendary rag-raids: Broadgate dominating every Saturday every week of freshers term. Then the year culminates at Snowflake in December, the biggest formal of the year, where it will be announced how much Broadgate has raised... expect tears - floods and floods of tears (hopefully happy ones!) After Snowflake, a handful of you lucky bunch will then be passed down the coveted red polo and be named our Karni sons and daughters to continue the legend that is BGP Karni coming for years to come

If you're not part of Karni, you'll be missing out big time! Karnival is genuinely one of the most rewarding and most unique experiences available to you at Nottingham but words cannot explain this enough - so get involved!

Love from Zak, Danny, Chris, Beth, Chantelle, Imo and Natalie xxx


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