Last week we held our first social of the year at Coco Tang. It was the last event that was organised by the old committee and it definitely proved a hit! Over 100 students from Broadgate attended which is a good turnout for our first event. When the new committee are elected, they will be putting on their own events, so keep your eyes posted for those!

Also, the outgoing President, James Potts, attended his last Student’s Union Council meeting representing Broadgate Park. He spoke several times on a number of issues, giving Broadgate a voice on University wide level.

What’s next for the JCR is to begin the Handover process to the newly elected committee who will look after Broadgate for the rest of the year. This usually consists of a joint meeting between the new and old committees where they outline the responsibilities of their roles and the new committee has the chance to ask any questions they might have to their predecessors.