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Christmas Formal

Broadgate Park,

December 3rd saw the taking place of what can only be described as a Christmas like no other.

BGP turned out en masse to the Christmas Formal and were whisked through a hungry lion’s mouth to be transported to a Christmas extravaganza (which was certainly the poshest thing I’d seen since being at university) and all for a measly £10!

African dancers were on hand to provide light entertainment whilst students mingled and claimed their much anticipated first free drink (they didn’t know yet that it would not be their last). Mingling complete and students were ushered to their tables where, once seated, the African dancers again took it upon themselves to create a spectacular and limit defying show which enthralled students and provided the perfect canapé for the meal which was to come next. 


Fully fed and speeches read the party was to begin. The music was turned up and the student’s partied like only students can. The posh veil was soon to be unmasked, however, with the failing of the generator which we all look back at and laugh now (but only because we each got a free drink for our ordeal). 

Dodgems were bumping, Waltzers were spinning and I think we can agree that the BGP team out did themselves with a wonderful Christmas event for us. So it only seems fair that a huge thank you goes out to Steve Greedy, the resident tutors and of course our loyal and loving JCR.

What will they think of next?

Broadgate JCR Blogger. X