Karnival 2012 Broadgate Park review

Broadgate Park Karnival 2012

Taking on the task of trying to beat Broadgate’s best ever performance at the Snowflake Ball in 2011 achieved by our Karni parents - £76,000 raised, 3rd place, the Kontact Cup and the Events Cup – was never going to be an easy task. When we found out in December that we had been chosen as the new Broadgate Park Karnival Representatives, we were incredibly excited but knew from the outset that the expectations on our shoulders were extremely great.

We were keen from the get-go. We had all signed up to a summer charity challenge by early February, five to Machu Picchu, one to Cycle the Cape and one to Cycle India, and we won the very first “Team of the Week” prize for selling nearly 200 tickets to a club night event.

Our very first rag raid was a strange but amazing experience. We had waited months to be the ones in the red polos at the front of the bus, motivating the Broadgaters who had woken up early to come with us to Bristol to collect as much as possible. The rag raid was a huge success and it lived up to everything we had hoped it would, so much so that we arranged with the Exec to put on another rag raid after summer exams as one final goodbye and a huge thank you to those that had lived in Broadgate with us for first year.

One of the highlights of the year for all of us was our trip to Eastbourne, working at the AEGON International tennis tournament for Right to Play, selling signed tennis balls and collecting around the grounds. We were extremely lucky with beautiful weather for the two days we were working, and we even got to meet the likes of Andy Roddick and Jamie Murray! It made us realise how lucky we were to be Karni reps and be given such amazing opportunities to take advantage of.

We also really enjoyed the Kontact events that we took part in. Kontact is a part of Karni that not everyone has heard of. It is the part of the organisation that volunteers in the local community, helping not only those less fortunate than us but everyone that we can reach in Nottingham. Kontact has been important to us all year and was the Cup that we really aimed to retain at Snowflake as last year was the first time the Kontact Cup had been given and we wanted to keep it in the Broadgate family. We went on a farm trip with a local primary school and we helped at a sports day for local disabled children and, this Autumn semester, we have been on a zoo trip with a local school and helped at a “Sherry Party” put on in the Trent Great Hall for those living in a local residential home.

Over the summer we took part in our challenges. Between us we managed to raise over £13,000 for a group of charities – the Meningitis Trust, Hope for Children and Childreach International. We had life changing, unforgettable experiences, once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that, through Karnival, we probably would never have been able to experience otherwise.

On returning to Nottingham in September, we were as keen as ever and ready to ensure that we beat our parents’ total. Freshers’ semester is really the semester where the big money is made because it’s rag raid season which we were incredibly excited for. We’d already had a taste leading a couple of rag raids earlier in the year but the thought of ten Saturdays in a row was almost too much to handle!

Another exciting prospect for us was the thought of finding our Karni kids who would succeed us. We had been talking for a while about the sort of people we wanted to choose and we hoped more than anything that we would find a group of freshers who would live up to everything we wanted.

Our last 11 weeks of freshers’ semester as reps has been an absolute rollercoaster. We’ve had our ups and downs as a team, a low point being one of our team members deciding to leave university, but the ups have more than made up for those low points. It’s been an incredible time. Rag raids have been amazing, we’ve put on some really successful socials, we’ve been to London a couple of times to collect for Breast Cancer and Poppy Appeal, raising over £8000 on the two days combined with just a handful of people each time. One of the most satisfying things we’ve experienced this semester has been the opportunities we’ve been able to provide to the freshers. The feedback we’ve received has been so fulfilling, with many people telling us we’ve given them the best semester they could have asked for starting at uni. Even more satisfying than that is that, in the process, we’ve raised huge amounts of money to help those that really need it and introduced many people to the joys of fundraising who previously would probably never have given it a second thought.

The 11 weeks went far too quickly for our liking and before we knew it, we had had our last rag raid as reps (very emotional) and a few days later were getting ready for our Snowflake Ball (even more emotional).

When Exec took to the stage to announce the awards, we were all more nervous than we felt we had ever been before. The first few awards went to other halls but then we received our first nomination for the one that we had really wanted – the Kontact Cup. Crossing our fingers, closing our eyes and hoping to hear “Broadgate Park” said for a second time, all of our hard work had finally culminated in us running onto stage and celebrating like crazy as we thrust the Kontact Cup into the air. The noise from our freshers was deafening and we could tell that it meant almost as much to them as it does to us.

We received a further nomination for Chris as Best Male Rep, and found out that we had come 4th in the Mag7 Cup (a special rag raid for the best collectors – one rep and six freshers) and 3rd in the Rag Raid Cup, having raised over £20,000 on rag raids alone.

It was then crunch time. The countdown began from the hall in 21st place. It was painful as we sat there, listening to the total and then the hall that had raised that amount, waiting to hear our name. We managed to get into the top 15. We then managed to get into the top 10. Top 8. Top 5. We heard £90,000 and were expecting to hear Broadgate Park but heard another name instead... We then heard £138,088.71 followed by Broadgate Park. We had come 3rd again and nearly doubled our parents’ total. We stood with our freshers, screaming and crying and hugging each other. A year’s blood, sweat and tears had paid off to more than we could ever have imagined. It was the best night of our lives.

None of it would have been possible without the residents of Broadgate Park though, of course. We just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who helped us in one way or another. Thank you to those of you who signed up to climb Kili or trek to Machu Picchu, to those of you who bought a ticket for a night out and to those of you who woke up early on a freezing Saturday morning, dressed in a ridiculous outfit, ready to spend a day of your life collecting for someone less fortunate than yourself. The past 12 months have by far been the most satisfying, the most rewarding, the most fun and easily the best of our lives. We’re so glad to have been able to share it with all you Broadgaters and it’s down to you that it’s been the best year we could have asked for. We can say with no regrets that we’re all proud to have been Karni reps, and even prouder to have been reps for Broadgate Park.

And on that note, we just want to say good luck to our Karni kids – your new reps for 2013. We’ve given them a lot to live up to but we have every belief that they will go even further than we have and will exceed every expectation we have of them. We’re incredibly excited for them to experience what we have, and we know that they’re perfect for the job.

So one last time, thank you to all of you who have ever helped us along the way this year and good luck to our kids for next year. It’s been special, Broadgate. Really special.

 Karni love,
 Zak, Danny, Chris, Beth, Nat and Chantelle