You Said, We Did

Resident feedback is important to us.  So when you told us that you were dissatisfied with arriving at the launderette to find out all the machines were in use, we arranged for a Laundry View system to be installed.

Laundry View enables you to logon to see a virtual SD view showing which machines are available without having to leave your room!

No need to queue when you can view the remaining cycle times of the machines already in use and you can even receive an email update to tell you when your laundry is finished!

Please see below for an easy guide:

1) Visit

2) Click on laundry view

3) Select city - Nottingham

4) Select site - University of Nottingham or UPP Ltd

5) Select laundry room - University of Nottingham

6) Select - Albion House or Broadgate Park centre

7) Hover curser over machine to view status and availability

We hope this new service makes your time here that little bit easier.