Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year marked a time of celebration in Broadgate Park with a large Chinese population both in the halls, university and in Beeston. However Chinese New Year marks a time of celebration for us all and BGP ensured that we were all able to enjoy and experience the festival.

Hungry students were greeted by a Chinese buffet which exceeded all expectations. The food was varied and gave us a real opportunity to try traditional culinary dishes both known and unknown. The friendly resident tutors were on hand to help prepare and serve students and there was a really nice atmosphere.

 The celebrations didn’t end there as a variety of entertainment was on hand to compliment the delicious feast. The banquet began with a Lion dance which combined storytelling with acrobatics and was very entertaining and humorous at times. Then followed an intricate martial arts routine where the flexibility of the artists astounded students.

 The celebration was wonderful and although students will eat anything if it’s free this slap up meal was a more than pleasant surprise. It was so great of BGP to acknowledge Chinese New Year (as they do year on year) and treat all of the students to a fantastic afternoon in the process.

Thank you BGP.

BGP JCR Blogger. X