Valentines in the JCR

Valentine’s Day is a time of celebration and joining together with loved ones whether they are your one true love or just your gang of mates. The JCR opened it doors for the perfect Valentines event. The classic free pizza was available in huge quantities as were lots of special treats. These included a candy floss machine and what can only be described as a chocolate waterfall.

The JCR was beautifully decorated and the bar was full of love hearts and other valentine’s themed sweeties.

The event was a great success and lots of you loved up BGPers headed over to your newly refurbished JCR to join in the fun.

I hope you were all successful in getting your Masquerade Ball tickets and of course I will be there, taking pictures and blogging about our next BGP event which is set to be a great one!

BGP JCR Blogger. X