Boardgaming society

The Boardgaming society held an event in the Courtyard Cafe on Sunday 2nd February.  Here is their write up:

We’re the Board Games Society which is dedicated to providing a fun and relaxed atmosphere in which to play people’s favourite board games. With the help of our members we have a staggering sixty games available to play; from exploring haunted mansions and surviving sinking islands to solving murders and building and empire... We have a game for everyone. We typically meet once a week for a few hours and let people pick out the games they want to play. Popular favourites include the Settlers of Catan where you must colonise an island and the less well known Betrayal at the House on the Hill where one of your friends becomes hell bent on trying to wipe you all out. 


 Our definition of a board game is very lax and we include DVD games, murder mystery dinner parties, some war games and our trademark campus wide Cluedo as part of our area of expertise. We also do regular socials which include crazy golf and lazer quest.


 We normally do a Sunday session each month which for February was held at the cafe in Broadgate Park. We were made to feel welcome by the staff there as well as the JCR who gave us a large amount of snacks for our guests. People came and went throughout the day with many saying they had a great time as we taught them many new and exciting games. There were many laughs in the comical game of Snake Oil, looks of intense concentration in Carcassonne and lots of looking in dictionaries when I tried to pass ‘cish’ off as a real word in Boggle.


 Overall it was a good session with many satisfied people.