A New Beginning

I’m packed! It took me a week and a half. From remembering things I wanted to bring to digging them up from the garage, shed, kitchen, bedroom, and loft at various hours, far too often post 1am, however the task has been completed. Small issue is that now it’s all done and I’m waiting for the weekend, well I’m bored! On the plus side I’ve just finished working a Broadgate last weekend for the university’s open day. Do you guys remember your open day visit? I have a worrying feeling I probably showed some of you round.

Having got all my stuff together I’m looking forward to the moving in weekend but maybe that’s because it’s the fourth time round and I’ve got it down to a fine art now. You should all have your flat and room allocations by now and probably hunted down a few of your flat mates on Facebook. For you guys the new experience must be pretty daunting I remember how it was for me. Well here are a few things to remember when moving in this weekend. Firstly everyone is in the same situation, so don’t be scared of the people around you, the best thing you can do is reach out to them, be the person to take the first step and start a conversation you’ll soon find you have tons of new friends. Secondly the staff at Broadgate really do care, having worked with them multiple times in the last 2 years I can tell you that they really do want you guys to have the best time so don’t hesitate to ask them for help. Finally try to enjoy the experience of moving into your new home for the year, I know it’s a scary idea moving away from home and setting out alone but like I said in my first point you’re not alone you will have tons of people to support you. Also I’ll be working moving in weekend so if  I happen to be helping you feel free to introduce yourself and ask me anything you want to know I’ll try my best to help.

The last thing to tell you guys is about what happening Week one:  
So on Sunday you have a Welcome talk from various members of the university such as the SU president and the Chancellor of the University.
Then Monday the Fresher fair will be open till Wednesday, this is a massive tent on the campus near the sport hall where you can go and look at all the societies and clubs and get free stuff (Domino’s pizza and doughnuts are my highlights). In the evening it’s the first night out this means FANCY DRESS! The first night is back to school. This will be one of the best nights of the week so make sure you get on it!
Tuesday night is the Toga party, make sure to bring plenty of spare sheets, they make good togas!
Wednesday is the services night so get your Ambulance or Police gear on and try not to get into too much trouble and have to meet the real things.
We have a time honoured tradition of loving the Hoff and Baywatch, he came to see us last year because we make such a fuss. Thursday night is the time to get your swim gear on, Oh and don’t forget to take your top off and whirl it round when the Baywatch theme song comes on.
Friday night’s event is one of my favourites, we have an awesome UV Rave, so get out the bright colours and have a blast. In first year I went to this in a black morph suit that had neon lights sewn all over it.
Saturday is the day to get to know your halls better, BGP will be running an event just for BGP students!
Last but not least the biggest event of the week is the big finale at the capital FM arena. This is always amazing and I can’t wait to see how you all look on Monday morning for lectures.
If you guys want to know more about week one then you can check it out on this site: www.welcometonottingham2014.co.uk

Well I guess I’ll see you guys soon!

Josh (BGP Blogger)