*STUDENT BLOGGER* Coming to University for the first time!

Arriving at the University was very nerve racking, to say the least. However, there were so many friendly staff who helped me settle in straight away and helped me find my way around. I knew I wanted to come to the University of Nottingham because it was great for my course and the campus is beautiful. Even to this day I can’t get over how lucky I am to be able to study here and meet so many amazing and interesting people from all different cultures.

When I arrived at Broadgate Park I was also very nervous. When I arrived, there was free popcorn and candy floss which I thought would just be there for the first day. However, Broadgate has so many events and free food and drinks all year round (which you really appreciate when your living on your student loan). Just a few days ago there was a free Chinese buffet in the court yard. However as soon as I entered into my flat and added some person touches to my room It felt more homely. The kitchen was a lovely size and my room was bigger than expected and I get on so well with all my flatmates and am so grateful to have met them and we are all living together in a house next year as well! I also get along so well with everyone in the block as it is like a little community. It’s so nice to just go upstairs or across the block just to have a chat and a catch up with people.

One of my main fears before I came to university was living in a city and the safety. Coming from a small town in Wales I was unsure how I would cope. But honestly, I love living here. I feel completely safe with wardens always available and reception open 24/7. Also living in a city and university life is so exciting as there is always something to do.

I choose to live at Broadgate Park because it was the only hall close to University that was self-catered. I wanted to choose self-catered accommodation in order to become independent by making my own meals and learning to cook. I have loved learning to cook and coming up with new creations to eat (however, I am no Jamie Oliver.) Having a kitchen is also such a great communal space to spend time with your flatmates or people in the block. It is also useful to make food after a drunken night out at 4 in the morning.

University life is so exciting. Studying law requires a lot of work time but I enjoy it and enjoy the challenge. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people with the same interests as you and being about to chat about the work with your course friends (or to have a panic with them when exam season approaches.) Also, the university campus has so much to offer whether its coffee needed to survive a long day at the library, or its drinks needed on a Friday night at the Mooch bar on campus.

Written by Ebony McDermott